The all-in-one CRM that simplify your professional daily life

Optimize your growth with Inexpand, the all-in-one CRM that simplifies your daily life by integrating sales, invoicing, project management, and more.

Quotations & Invoicing
Project Management
HR Management

Collaborative Tools

Collaborate effectively using our collaborative tools, fostering communication and teamwork.

Intuitive Interface

Easily navigate through our intuitive interface, simplifying your user experience.

Easy Automation

Automate your processes with ease, allowing you to save valuable time and effort.

By choosing Inexpand, you save time on your daily tasks

Save time every day with our comprehensive solution to simplify your daily tasks in business.


50+ features included

A comprehensive CRM, offering all the features you need.

Sales Management

Boost your sales and simplify your invoicing

Optimize your sales and simplify your invoicing process with our comprehensive CRM, offering integrated and efficient sales management.

Quotation / Invoice

Create and send quotes in just a few clicks.

Catalogs / Suppliers

Access your catalogs and easily manage your suppliers.

Online payment

Offer online payment to simplify settlement for your customers.

Automation / Dunning

Schedule personalized reminders to maximize your chances of closing sales.

Project Management

Manage your projects effectively

Track and manage your projects with ease using our CRM, integrating project management tools for seamless collaboration and optimal organization.

Internal messaging

Communicate efficiently in-house with our integrated messaging system.

Contracts & e-Signature

Create and sign your contracts in total security, thanks to our e-signature feature.

Task management

Organize your tasks and track their progress easily with our integrated task management tool.

Customer area

Offer your customers personalized access where they can track project progress and access their documents.

Human Resources

Centralize HR management and optimize your processes

Centralize your human resources management with our CRM, including dedicated features to simplify employee management, scheduling, and recruitment.

Team management

Organize and supervise your teams efficiently with our integrated management tool.

Recruitment module

Simplify your recruitment process with our comprehensive module.


Accurately track the time spent on each task and project with our integrated timetracking system.

Payroll management

Manage your employees' payroll efficiently with our comprehensive solution, in conjunction with your accountant.

Connected to all your favorite tools


Customer Testimonials

Inexpand has revolutionized the way we manage our daily operations. Its intuitive interface allowed us to onboard our team quickly and effectively. Collaborative tools strengthened internal communication, while automation significantly reduced our workload. A truly comprehensive and practical solution.

Sophie A.


Since adopting Inexpand, our productivity has increased significantly. The user-friendly interface allowed us to quickly adopt the software, and the collaborative features improved coordination between departments. I highly recommend it to any company looking to optimize its processes.

Raphael F.

RH Director


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main features offered by Inexpand?

Inexpand offers a comprehensive range of features including sales management, invoicing, project management, human resources management, task tracking, internal messaging, and much more. Visit our features page to learn more.

Is it possible to integrate Inexpand with other tools that we already use?

Absolutely! Inexpand easily integrates with a variety of popular tools such as Google Calendar, Zapier, Twilio, and many more. Our team is also available to discuss any custom integration you may need.

How can I get help in case of a problem or question?

We offer dedicated customer support to address all your questions and resolve any issues. You can reach us via email at or through our live chat service during business hours.

Does Inexpand offer a trial version or a demonstration?

Yes, we offer a free 30-day trial of Inexpand. You can also request a personalized demonstration to see how Inexpand can meet the specific needs of your business.

Does the prices include all the features?

Inexpand's pricing varies based on the number of users only. All features of our CRM are included without any extra charges.



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