The all-in-one CRM features of Inexpand

Invoicing & Quotations

Simplify your invoicing


Easily create professional quotes for your clients in just a few clicks.


Generate clear and accurate invoices for your business transactions with ease.


Collect deposits for your services or products quickly and easily.

Credit Notes

Manage credit notes and refunds efficiently to ensure customer satisfaction.

Order Management

Track and manage all your customer orders in an organized and transparent manner.

Online Payment

Offer your customers the option to securely and conveniently pay their invoices online.


Automate reminders to ensure prompt collection of outstanding payments.

Recurring Payments

Simplify the management of recurring payments and subscriptions for efficient financial management.

Client Portal

Provide your clients with access where they can view their quotes, invoices, and order history.


Boost your sales

Sales Prospecting

Identify new business opportunities and expand your customer portfolio.

Leads & Qualification

Track and qualify your leads to maximize your chances of converting them into customers.

Customer Profile

Easily access all relevant information about your customers for effective relationship management.

Contract Management

Create and manage all your customer contracts to ensure compliance and transparency in your transactions.

Digital Signature

Quickly obtain the necessary signatures on your documents with our integrated feature.

Statistics and Reporting

Analyze your sales data and generate detailed reports to evaluate your team's performance.

Purchases & Suppliers


Supplier Profile

Store and manage all your supplier information in one place for effective collaboration.

Product List

Add your products directly to Inexpand for simplified management and better organization.

Import & Export

Easily import and export your data for seamless integration (products, orders, etc.).

Inventory Management

Track your stock levels in real-time to avoid stockouts and maximize operational efficiency.


Automatic synchronization with the invoicing module for automatic stock decrement.

Purchase Management

Organize your purchasing processes seamlessly and efficiently to ensure optimal financial management.

Delivery Tracking

Track the delivery stages of your orders to ensure they are received on time.

Payment Tracking

Keep an eye on payments to be made or received to maintain rigorous financial management.


Generate reports on your purchasing activities for in-depth analysis and informed decision-making.


Project Management

Multi-Project View

Visualize and manage multiple projects simultaneously for better coordination and clear overview.

Members Management

Assign and manage team members for each project, assign roles, and track their contribution.

Task Lists

Create detailed task lists for each project to effectively organize the work to be done.


Use Gantt charts to plan and track project milestones for efficient management.


View an integrated calendar to visualize deadlines and key events for each project.

Time Tracking

Record time spent on each task for resource utilization analysis and associated costs.

Document Management

Store and share all relevant project-related documents in one place for seamless collaboration.

Payment Tracking

Track payments related to each project for transparent and efficient financial management.


Record and track expenses associated with each project for optimal budget control.

Inter-Project Messaging

Communicate and collaborate easily with team members and stakeholders via integrated inter-project messaging.

Client Rating

Obtain feedback from your clients to assess customer satisfaction and identify areas for improvement.

Statistics and Reporting

Analyze project data through detailed reports to evaluate performance and make strategic decisions."


Easily manage your teams

User Profile

Centralize all employee-related information for simplified administrative management.

Roles Management

Assign specific roles to each team member to define permissions and responsibilities.

Department Management

Organize your organizational structure by defining and managing different departments.

Time Tracking

Track your employees' working hours with an integrated time tracking system for efficient time management.

Attendance Board

Quickly visualize your employees' attendance with a clear and intuitive attendance board.

Absence Management

Easily manage your employees' absences, whether planned or unplanned, to ensure proper workload management.

Leave Management

Track your employees' leave requests and manage paid time off transparently and efficiently.

Holiday Calendar

Plan and manage your employees' vacation periods to ensure operational continuity.

Payroll Module

Simplify the management of your employees' salaries with an integrated and customizable payroll module.


Generate detailed reports on HR data to assess your team's performance and make informed decisions.


Celebrate your employees' birthdays and strengthen company culture by not missing any special occasions.

Performance Rating

Evaluate and appreciate your employees' performance through an integrated rating system, thus promoting professional development."


Simplify your recruitment process


Access a centralized dashboard to track all your recruitment activities and make informed strategic decisions.

Job Offer Management

Easily create, manage, and publish job offers to attract top talents to your company directly from your CRM.

Public Recruitment Portal

Offer a seamless user experience to candidates by allowing them to apply directly through an online recruitment portal.

Candidate Management

Organize and track the recruitment process for each candidate, from application to hiring, for effective talent pool management.

Interview Calendar

Plan and organize interviews with candidates easily with an integrated and synchronized calendar on your CRM.

Detailed Statistics

Analyze your recruitment process data with detailed statistics to evaluate the effectiveness of your strategies.


Customer Portal

Tableau de bord

Offer your clients centralized access to a personalized dashboard where they can track and manage all their interactions with your company.

Invoice Management

Allow your clients to easily view and manage their invoices online, simplifying the payment process.

Quotation Management

Provide your clients with the ability to request, view, and approve quotes online to facilitate business transactions.


Simplify document signing by allowing your clients to electronically sign them, speeding up administrative processes.

Order Management

Enable your clients to place and track their orders online, offering a smooth and transparent purchasing experience.

Online Payment

Offer your clients the option to securely and conveniently pay their invoices and orders online.

Contract Management

Enable your clients to view, sign, and manage their contracts directly on the online portal, facilitating contract management.

Project Tracking

Give your clients real-time insight into the progress of the projects you're working on together, enhancing transparency and trust.

Ticket Tracking

Allow your clients to submit and track their support or service requests via an online ticketing system, ensuring responsive and efficient customer service.


Connect your favorite tools

Online Payment

Accept secure and convenient online payments by integrating payment solutions such as Stripe, PayPal, Mollie, etc.


Facilitate collaboration by integrating communication and file-sharing tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Workspace, etc.


Enhance your marketing efforts by integrating marketing and communication tools such as Twilio, Telegram.


Enhance the security of your system by integrating two-factor authentication solutions like Google Authenticator.


Organize your schedule and manage your appointments by integrating scheduling tools such as Google Calendar.


Customize and extend Inexpand's functionalities by integrating our REST API with your own applications and systems.


Other features

QR Code Generator

Easily create customized QR codes for your products, services, or promotions, offering an interactive experience to your customers.

SMS Marketing

Send targeted SMS marketing campaigns to effectively reach your audience and boost customer engagement.

Letter Generator

Quickly generate professional documents and letters from customizable templates, simplifying your administrative processes.


Protect your data and IT infrastructure against cyber threats by implementing advanced security measures.